Say Good Bye to Cellulite

Scroll down to discover some helpful tips regarding how to deal with your unattractive cellulite...

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Cellulite is a problem for about 94% of adult women, whether thin or plump, tall or short, young or old. It generally appears in the vicinity of the thighs, but also appears around the stomach and on the inside of the arms.
It most often results from hormonal imbalances, especially in estrogen, or from simple genetics. Other times, it is simply due to the reserves in the cells that are found just under of skin, in the corium, that start to swell and push upwards. In the early stages, the skin loosens and the pumps resemble the skin of an orange. In the more advanced stages, the pumps become solid and can be painful.
If you have been hiding under heavy clothes, it is time to treat your cellulite with the right products and slip into something that is figure-flattering.

Here are some suggestions:
- Exfoliate 1-2 a week to remove dead cells so that your skin can absorb the elements of the cellulite treatment products. There are innumerable treatment products on the market; look some up and invest in a few that catch your eye.
- Dry brush your body with a loafer using gentle, circular movements starting low and working upwards to stimulate microcirculation. 
- Massage your cellulite. Or, better yet, go get a massage.
- Exercise, especially aerobics, at least three times a week. If you have no time to exercise, make sure you walk and take the stairs when going places.
- Drink a lot of water, reduce your alcohol in take, and forget soft drinks. 
- Stop smoking, it only causes damage. To everything.
- Consume fresh vegetables and fruit, nourishing your body with a well balanced, healthy diet.

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