Rakokazana, the Best Kept Secret in Crete

Once you have been a part of this experience, you always want to go back!

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At the peak of the Greek grape distillation season, a festival takes place on the island of Crete. A rakokazano resembles an over-sized pot  or cauldron, and this is where the boiling of grapes takes place. If you are patient enough, raki is created, an excellent, high-quality alcoholic drink. Raki distillation in Crete constitutes a  lengthyprocedure, followed by great festivities. Visitors to the island are invited to, not only watch the production of one of Crete's most popular export products, but also to experiences, with the local people, the traditional festivities surrounding this process.

Besides tasting and receiving their own raki, visitors can go to various rakokazana around Crete, where they can eat, drink and socialize while sipping raki! What an opportunity to escape ones 9 to 5 routine! If you happen to visit Crete during this period, consider yourselves very lucky! Oh, and be prepared to get drunk, it's only natural!



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