How to Make a Kite!

Nikos Pavlidakis is happily living his seventh decade and since a school boy he constructed kites. Nowadays, he makes them for his grandchildren and their friends.

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“It is simple to watch a kite fly in the sky but it needs mastery to make one,” says Nikos Pavlidakis, and then proceeds to describe the process:


·          Cut the pieces of wood that will support the kite

·          Nail all the pieces of wood together on the axis and spread them open.

·          Glue on the sheets of paper that have various shapes and colors and then tie the strings.

·          All the weights need to be equal, properly tied on and at distances that are all the same length.

·          The length of the tail depends on the size of the kite and on how windy the weather is. When the wind is strong it needs a long tail to “weigh it down.” When there is little wind, remove part of it.


He, who has never flown a kite, has never looked far or high enough. He, who has never felt the kite’s string pulling in his hands, has never experienced the strength of the wind. He, who has never screamed with wild excitement, with that intense childhood sense of initiative, as the kite meets peril in its flight, has never felt the joy of mastering the power of Nature!






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