Culinary Tradtion: The Benefits of Wine

For well over three millennia, the Greeks have been producing and drinking wine, not only as a result of its delicious taste, but also due to its myriad benefits.

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While it is quite obvious that wine consumption is advantageous to your mental health, it is perhaps less obvious that your daily glass could be so beneficial to your physical health. For starters, flavones, the natural pigments found in grapes, are known to significantly prevent cancer.  Both sweet wines and dry white wine fortify the body against anaemia. Not only does wine enhance blood circulation substantially, but the drink’s inorganic salt settles your metabolism.

But perhaps the most beneficial substance within wine is procyanidin, a material known to protect the blood vessels and metabolize lipids, among many other functions. When the wine is boiled during the early phases of its production, the procyanidins located within the grape seeds will dissolve into the grape must. While procyanidins cannot be found in many other products, they are abundant in wine and are absolutely crucial to everyday functioning of our organism.

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