How to Plan a Fairy-Tale Picnic

We all remember how Julia Roberts convinced Richard Gere to dine together under a tree, why don’t we give it a shot? Whether it’s with your respective other, your friends, or your family, scroll down to read how to plan the perfect picnic...

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1. Before you set a date, listen to the upcoming week’s weather report. There is nothing more depressing than a picnic in the midst of a thunder storm.

2. Come up with the perfect place. Research your surrounding area for pretty parks or garden areas.

3. Locate a spacious basket, preferably one with separate spaces for silverware and glasses. Maybe find some plastic champagne glasses in order to avoid accidents.

4. Bring along two blanket-tablecloths, not just the one. Spills are simply inevitable when you’re having fun. 

5. Avoid knives with sharp edges, breakable glasses, and any food that might smell. When picnicking, seafood is almost always a horrible idea.

6. Don’t forget music. Borrow the boom box from your younger brother.

7. Take more food than you think you’ll need. Running out is no fun.

8. Abandon your diet for the day. No picnic is complete without dessert.

9. Bring “toys.” Rackets, tennis balls, baseball mitts, jump ropes. You’ll find you haven’t grown out of them just yet.

10. Bring a trash bag. When you pack up to go, there will be plenty of things you’d rather discard than toss into your trunk.

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