Trip2taste Festival

Trip2taste is happy to announce that its first “Trip2taste Festival” will take place from 13th to 15th June 2014 at the 5* luxury hotel Marbella Corfu

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”Trip2Taste Festival” is a culinary adventure designed to delight food & wine enthusiasts!  In addition to the vast array of activities already on offer at Marbella Corfu,

“Trip2taste Festival” will offer hotel guests & visitors a myriad of experiences to delight the senses including: specially designed menus, Greek cooking classes, a special grey mullet bottarga tasting, olive oil, olives & Greek cheese tasting, a Greek coffee making corner and Wine Tasting classes.

The theme of the “Trip2Taste Festival” at Marbella Corfu will be Greek gastronomy. 




The Festival will take place at the elegant surroundings of the Italian restaurant and will feature a fantastic variety of specially paired menus.

Some of the sumptuous delights on offer will include traditional Greek dishes paired with Greek beers or ouzo for lunch as well as Modern Greek dishes paired with wines for dinner. “Taste Greece by the glass”, offered at the bars will provide any wine lover with the opportunity to revel in some of the finest wines that Greece has to offer. 

A selection of top quality Greek products that will be featured at the Festival are already available at the shop of the Italian Restaurant so that you can take the happy memories home with you and recreate the healthy delicious food you loved on your Corfu Trip2taste adventure, in the comfort of your own home!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to explore and enjoy Greek gastronomy while relaxing at the ideal environment of Marbella Beach Hotel Corfu!  Tickets for the courses, as well as for lunches and dinners are limited and are already available for sale.


Check out the detailed program and the special offers at

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