Rambagas Restaurant Sifnos

Rambagas Restaurant in Sifnos Island of the Cyclades is probably one the must go places for all visitors. 

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Merging architecture, tradition and the sense of moderation, Rambagas, the first multi-purpose space opened its doors to visitors in the Cyclades in the summer of 2006.
The ‘Cycladic Space’, based in the heart of Apollonia inSifnos, quickly became a place for gatherings, recreation and cultural activity.

Built on a spot that inspires and mesmerizes travelers with its views of the crystal blue Aegean, ‘Cycladic Space’ offers the services of a modern multiplex while simultaneously respecting tradition and was designed with the Greek summer in mind. Breakfast, coffee, cocktails and snacks at ‘Rambagas Café’, the all-day go-to hot spot of Apollonia! Hidden under the natural shade of the trees, are the three paved patios which offer rich breakfasts, fresh fruit juices and the chance to enjoy the summer laziness on our comfortable loungers.

A fresh take on traditional Cycladic flavors under the careful eye of well-known chef Yiannis Loukakos in the all new ‘Rambagas Restaurant’ .  The island of Nicholas Tselementes welcomes Yiannis Loucacos, the famous Greek chef who will be preparing a delicious menu with fresh new flavors based on the Greek Mediterranean cuisine, and especially traditional Cycladic gastronomy. “Every dish served on the menu exists to heighten one's pleasure and memories of the general ambiance, the moment and the overall experience of the island of Sifnos”, says the chef.

In the Sifnos influenced spaces, harmoniously tied with the color and aura of the island, you can also enjoy selected labels of fine Greek wine.   All of this from early morning to late night , in an atmosphere as special as the island of Sifnos.

When the sun sets,  Rambagas Cafe welcomes its guests with music from around the world. Don’t forget to try one of the famous exotic cocktails…

Apollonia, Sifnos
T 22840-32215
Open from 9 am till late night.


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