II Tinello a Restaurant in Disguise

Il Tinello has been around for 17 years offering what it knows best; unlimited Italian food at a set price made with love by Daniella and served by her Greek husband Stefanos.

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The restaurant is on the bottom floor of an apartment building and is so inconspicuous that you may pass it more than a couple of times looking for the entrance. The decoration is very simple with no particular refinement to it. From the moment you sit down the food begins to flow; at a set price you can consume as much wine and eat as many dishes of pasta as you want. The space is filled with scrumptious aromas and Stefanos’ extravagant personality.We are sure you have never eaten so many different types of pasta and so many sauces in the same meal ever before. Stop Stefanos at any time to repeat your favorite dishes.Il Tinello has been around for 17 years when Stefano (greek) and his wife Daniella (Italian) moved to Greece from Canada. It has looks the same since they opened and the concept has changed little. Despite appearances this unpretentious restaurant has all details covered to work the way it does. Each dish has been carefully thought out, organization is critical and both are highly professional in their respective fields. Personal, with excitement in the air, and delicious food; you get the feeling you are in an underground scene!


Address: Knossou 54, Alimos

Telephone: +30 210 9828462

Price per person: €35

Opening Hours: Wednesday–Saturday 7:30pm - closing


Try everything you are offered. Warning: do not eat too much from the beginning because you will never have enough room for everything!

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