How to Store, Serve, and Taste Beer

Continue reading for helpful tips on storing, serving, and tasting your favorite beers...

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Contrary to wine, the best beer is the freshest beer. As a rule of thumb, very few beers can age. Although Lagers and Pilsners must be consumed within one year, some monastery beers last up to five years.

The place where beers are stored must be clean and dry. There should be low lighting and no smells. Other conditions will cause the color and flavor of the beer to deteriorate.

The bottles with metal caps must be stored upright, while those with corks should be stored on their sides. Beers that contain sediment should not be moved abruptly.

So as to ensure the correct amount of carbon dioxide, beer should be enjoyed from a glass, not straight from the bottle. Enjoying it from a glass will also guarantee the ideal release of aroma and flavor. Similarly, beer glasses should be clean and slightly chilled, not frozen.

As it enhances the aroma and flavor of the beer, the importance of the glass should not be overlooked. Generally, Ales are served in pints, glasses with straight sides and with the diameter of the mouth slightly smaller than that of the body, while Belgian Ales are served in tulip-shaped glasses usually with a stem. Wheat Beers are served in very tall glasses that slope inwards at the mouth, and Lagers in very tall glasses that taper, like the Pilsner glass.

Serving temperatures also vary depending on the variety of beer. For example:

Lager: 9º C
Ale: 12-13º C
Weissbiers: 9-12º C
Pilsner: 9º C
Monastery type: 9-10º C

Beer tasting is not really that different from wine tasting. First, you must make sure that the temperature is correct. Then, you should choose the proper glass for the type of beer. Next, stir it lightly, smell its aroma, and then finally, taste it.

A Lager will have a discreet malt and hop aroma, while a good Ale will seem much stronger. It will display more flavors and aromas, reminding you of various fruits and spices. Stouts and porters leave a caramel feeling and may remind you of chocolate, while a wheat beer is certainly sourer.

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