Vytina, a Hiker's Paradise

When autumn arrives, drive down to Vytina and join the other hikers in exploring its myriad forests and villages.

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Ever since I was a child, my weekends at Vytina have been memorable. The smell of freshly cut wood and fireplaces ablaze is what first comes to my mind, as soon as I think of this Peloponnesian village. Every year when autumn arrives, I make my way up Mainalos Mountain along with many more hikers, fans of its pine-tree slopes and its tourist facilities.

The starting-point is Kapsia, a little village immediately before Levidi, since it is the location of the “Kalteziotis Mansion”. Kalteziotis’ rooms are beautifully furnished, while its carpets and decoration will remind you of aristocratic mansions of the past. Its spa centre will turn your stays into an oasis of luxury.






Shopping in Vytina

Vytina will welcome you with its “Love Street”, a little street where the girls used to stroll, in order to see and be seen. Chestnuts, apples and different kinds of goodies are sold on the way to the village square. You will find taverns, cafes and little shops that sell traditional, wooden objects, all around. I just love the smell of freshly baked bread coming out of the traditional bakeries. In Vytina, you will want to buy every little thing you see; local products such as honey, hand-made pasta and local cheese.

Hiking and Climbing

A walk around the church of Saint-Tryfon, decorated with the area’s famous black marble, helps me cleanse myself. I walk around the neighbourhood of traditional, stone houses and I constantly find interesting things to feed my curiosity about Vytina, either at the Public library or the local Museum. Going west, to the “Old Village”, I light a candle at the Saint-Apostles’ church. I also find it reviving to climb the hill all the way to Saint-Elias, where the view is rewarding. There are plenty of hikers who choose Vytina for the paths into the mountain forests. I personally prefer to visit the Zarzi, rock bridge and Korakospilia, in the nearby village of Nymfasia (4 km away); climb to the Kernitsa historical monastery in order to truly feel Arcadia’s atmosphere.  

Where to stay:

Mainalon Art Hotel  

A picturesque best hotel in Vytina, right in the centre of the village made from stone and wood, and decorated with original paintings by famous Greek artists.. Beautiful art suites, a heated swimming pool and the Greek Taverna dipnosofistes.


Kalteziotis Mansion Country Club
29km away in the village of Kapsia. The most luxurious place to stay, with beautiful suites, a health club, a heated swimming pool and conference rooms.


What to eat:

Among other things, we suggest beans, coq au vin, lamb, homemade pies, local cheese, omelet with salted meat and sausages.

Try them at "Deipnosofistes" the new art restaurant of  Minalon Art Hotel and “Klimataria”. For good food and a rich wine list, go to “Enotherapeftirio”.


When in Kapsia, you can taste excellent meat at “Fanis”. Remember to take home one of the region's first-class wines, such as a moschofilero.

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