Greece: Our Favourite Winter Retreats on the Greek Islands

The sea and islands of Greece have a beautiful, ethereal and almost haunting aura during the winter.


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Fortunately the Greek islands offer a wide range of choices for quality accommodation during the winter months, even though this is their low season. Here we present you with our favourite 5 hotels and guesthouses for winter vacations on the Greek islands:

Pelekas Country Club

An 18th century estate on the Ionian island of Corfu, converted into a beautiful hotel. It offers all the necessary modern amenities, within an atmosphere of vintage nostalgia. The natural surrounding is beautiful, as the hotel is located in the middle of a forest.

Pelecas, 49100
Tel. +30 26610 52239
Fax. +30 26610 52919

Varos Village Hotel

To open a guesthouse for all seasons on a far away island such as Limnos, is a bold move. It requires that you offer something special, if not unique. Varos Village hotel has achieved just this. It offers a complete package of services to the winter traveller visiting Limnos. Experience the relaxation and feel the grandiosity of the Lemnian landscape.

Traditional settlement of Varos village
Limnos, 81401
Tel. 22540-31728, 210-7251038

Kos Aktis Art Hotel

For those with an artistic interest, this hotel on the island of Kos will become a landmark. The old Xenia, in the centre of Kos town, has been rebuilt into a minimalistic gem, offering comfort and style. Kos keeps a burning flame during the winter too.

7, Vassileos Georgiou Str.
Kos, 85300
Tel. 22420-47200
Fax. 22420-47210

Avli Lounge Apartments

Worshipers of gastronomy and good wine will find the absolute winter destination in Rethymno, Crete. This high quality hotel, comes to complete Crete’s perfect culinary image, with an awarded restaurant, whose fame has surpassed the island’s borders. The old town of Rethymno is charmer throughout the seasons.

Xanthoudidou 22 & Radamanthous
Tel. 28310-58250/26213

Avgonima All Seasons Hotel

Chios is not just about history and culture. It is an island with an interesting interior, as inhabitants kept away from the shores, due to their fear of pirates. You can explore the island's interior easily, by using Avgonima All Seasons Hotel as your base. It is located at the centre of the island and offers its amenities and hospitality all year round. Don’t miss a walk through the mastic tree forest.

Chios, 82200
Tel. 6947941810

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