Greece: Mykonos, a Love/Hate Relationship

Mykonos; you either love it or you hate it! But either or you definitely have to visit it to decide for yourself.

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Mykonos is one the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea. It is a place that you either have a huge aversion to or a huge love for. It is a stunning island with raw, dry natural beauty and exquisite beaches. However, during July and August it offers an extremely active party scene and a busy cosmopolitan air, that is not for everyone! 


How to get there:

By air: daily flights

By boat: daily ship and high-speed ferry departures from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina



Where to stay:

There are a great number of hotels and rooms for rent.

Andronikos Hotel, situated a few meters above the old port, is decorated with works of art and offers friendly service.

Tel: 22890 24231


Mykonos Grand, in Agios Yannis, a deluxe hotel with classic elegance and a sophisticated spa.

Tel: 22890 25555

Kivotos Club Hotel, in Ornos, is one of the most stylish hotels on the island and has received international awards. Excellent food.

Tel: 22890 24094


Cavo Tagoo, 600 meters above the old port, renovated recently, it is luxurious and stylish.

Tel: 22890 23692

Belvedere Hotel, in the heart of Hora, modern, but with small rooms. The renowned Japanese Restaurant Mastuhisa (Nobu) Mykonos is located in this the hotel. 

Tel. 22890 25122




All the beaches are busy, with very few exceptions. The most famous “hot spots” are Super Paradise, Psarou, Paraga and Paradise. More quiet and very beautiful are Lia, Elia, Agrari, Agrari, Agios Stefanos, Agios Sostis and Kalo Livadi.  


Where to eat:

The restaurant choice is enormous! Some of the most popular choices are: Nammos, a trendy restaurant on Psarou beach, Matsuhisa (Nobu) Mykonos, Sea Satin near the old port, Katrin’s, Niko’s Tavern (where Peter the Pelecan takes his nap) and cosmopolitan Phillipi. In Ano Mera, try La Cucina di Daniele. 


Useful information:

Island telephone Code            22890
Police Station                          22890 22 716
Tourist Police                          22890 22 482
Port Authorities Mykonos       22890 22 218
Municipality of Mykonos         22890 22 201 / 23 988
Civilian Service line                22890 22492
Hotel Association                     22890 24 760 / 24 540
Telephone company                22890 22 499
Post Office                               22890 22 238



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