Staying in Athens for just 20 Euros a day

City Circus Hostel is the absolute "value for money" place to stay in Athens. 

It is an alternative travelers space for the restless voyager, the escape artist, the acrobat.
“Acrobat” literally means “a person that lives on the edge,” and that is the idea of this circus: to dwell in the surreal, to embrace the weird, to explore with freedom.
So whether you’re running away from something (we hope it’s not the law) or running towards something on your adventure, City Circus is the ideal spot to rest your wandering feet and dreamy head.

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City Circus is in the heart of Athens, in the edgy and hip Psirri neighborhood, fast becoming the center of Athens’ Ghetto Tourism district.

It's  beside numerous eateries and watering holes and a short walk or bike ride from any sites in Athens we believe are worth visiting.

If you’re not the self-motored type, the Metro and Train are only 300 meters away. Its neighborhood is laid-back but just down the street it's bustling with theatergoers and nightly revelers.
Lounge on the rooftop to sip a beer and gaze at the timeless Acropolis and then settle into  super-comfy mattresses to rest your vagabond bones.

City Circus is housed in a cozy 4-storey, freshly restored, early 20th century mansion, complete with frescoed ceilings, wrought-iron balconies and baroque tiles. We’ve dressed it up with vintage furniture, reclaimed materials, modern design elements and street art by a selection of fresh local talent.

The design was all done by the owners  and that's what gives it such a personal touch and homey appeal.

T+30 213 0237244

M+30 6944 600311


It is located in the most hyper area of Athens.

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