Best Restaurants in the island of Paros

Here are Gourmed's choices for places to eat and drink in Paros.
This island is not so famous for the new Greek food scene as much as Mykonos or Santorini, so stick to traditional food.
You will not encounter a tarama salad served with lemon confit here. Mostly you will see a plain tarama salad probably made by the grandmother of the owner of the restaurant, executed the exact same way  for generation after generation. 
You will find yourself eating fish and seafood every day. Plenty of what's so called "ladera" which is no other than Greek vegetarian food with lots of extra virgin olive oil. 
Do try their sour cream cheese, called "xinomizithra" which in combination with barley rusks and home grown tomatoes makes my every day lunch!


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While waiting for your friends to arrive with the boat, enjoy a delicious breakfast and home baked cakes in Port Cafe

Down the road at Pebbles you will enjoy colorful fresh cocktails listening to jazz watching the sunset.

At Levantis , in a scentful garden, perfect for the windy Aegean nights, delicious vegetarian food is offered.


In the old venetian port of Naoussa the scenery is as if it is taken out from a Hollywood production. Enjoy sophisticated Mediterranean food at MARIO and savor the moment. Μariο


For typical island food, you should eat at Mario’s brother situated right next door.
You will enjoy fresh calamari, gounes, the renowned sundried fish and many more meze, which is small savory dishes for everyone to share

In front of the yacht marina in  Mediterraneo  you will sample a true Parian culinary meal, plus delicious desserts, something rather scarce in the island. 

 If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of life in the port, head for the cobbled little streets and eat a romantic quiet dinner at SOSO, who will cook for you as if you were her child. Alternatively search for Kafeneio Vaggeli where authentic Cycladic cuisine using the same cooking methods established over 3000 years ago is offered. 

At the old time classic  Barbarossa you will find the best restaurant in Paros, well worth its cost. His passion for local produce along with fresh fish and shellfish has made the big difference in creating dishes where glamor and simplicity meet to pleasure us. 

The best souvlaki in Naousa, which you can eat as a snack street food or to enjoy under the famous Castro of the city, you will find in KARGAS.


Delicious ice cream, freshly made every day with special care you will find in S cream. Flavors and taste that will meet every expectation.

For all you eco friendly people Green Project is the place to chill out. Juicy burgers and salads made with vegetables grown without any pesticides and long drinks will make you hang out for hours.

If you are a true coffee lover, addicted to the perfect espresso, you will find it nowhere else but at Cafe KarinoKonstantinos, travels every winter to make his own blend creating his own brand. Eggs in all their form and other breakfast favorites will make your tongue smile. 


In Ambelas, all fish taverns are on the sea and pretty much each  one has its own fishing boat. You can imagine how fresh your fish will be.  Christianna makes a great local fish soup and at Thalami they know how to keep fried red mullets crisp, without burning them. 

In Thea, a restaurant overlooking Antiparos, you will find the best wine list this island has to offer.

 Siparosone of my favorite restaurants is a charming spot to enjoy the sunset.
Exemplary Mediterranean/Greek cooking that fascinates me every time.  Plus benign service with "happy to serve you" faces.

 For a simpler but equally delicious seafood, "Katsounou" the seafood tavern in Santa Maria is great.

If it’s a night close to full moon, you might want to stay and party at the nearby Santa Maria beach bar 

If the view of the sea tires you, do go up the mountains in Lefkes at the church square for a traditional ouzo and meze.

Original Greek grilled meat, lamb, goat and chicken you may eat at the provincial villages of Kostos, Levkes or the at the grill house Romantica.


Enjoy beautiful art, plus breathtaking view, plus great music, plus impeccable décor, plus fun entourage, all combined making the perfect recipe for lounging in Fotis Art Cafe Bar 

Literally two doors down, you will get to drink perfect cocktails, the latest trends Greek mixologists have to offer in  Comeback . The aura of this place will just get to you.

Our night usually ends in  LinardoThe absolute cosmopolitan disco of Paros. In the northern point of the island, situated in the house of captain Linardo, a renowned captain of Naousa. Every person who likes to party has at least once come to pay “respect” to this club. It’s the sort of place that every built rock would have a story to tell.

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Do buy lots of delicious local products from the farmers in the port at the every day open market.

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