Best of Mykonos the discerning traveller

As Cyclades natives here at Gourmed, we know Mykonos inside out. So bear with us to find out what are the hottest spots on the island this Summer.
If you Google glamorous Mediterranean Island, Mykonos along with Ibiza will appear at the top choices.
Celebrities, international jetsetter visitors, students and families mingle together to celebrate the endless Greek Summer.


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You will find picturesque windmills, blue-domed churches, classy boutique shopping, exciting nightlife, a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a selection of long sandy beaches for all tastes! On top of that, magical meals with the yummy  "ooh and aah" feeling at the end.

Don’t miss the 18th century Church of the Panagia Paraportiani, a white-washed complex of four chapels, considered to be a national monument and recognized as a high point of Cycladic architecture.  

According to the mayor of Mykonos the unique traditional architecture is something that attracts the interest of tourists.

Get lost in the labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets in Chóra - the main town - full of cubic-era look like houses with colorful doors and balconies overflowing with bougainvilleas emerging against the white walls, and scentful geraniums.

Have a morning coffee at the lively waterfront, admire a fleet of fishing boats and soak up the atmosphere with its unique energy.

While you’re out walking around town, you might come across the descendants of Petros, the famous pelican which is the official mascot of Mykonos.

All famous boutiques have stores in Mykonos, but all have respected the island's architecture.

While shopping in Matogiannia, make sure you visit renowned Greek jewelry stylist Minas, for incredible artistically designed timeless pieces of jewellery.

Scala Gallery, always hosting unique exhibitions is having its 30th anniversary. The owner, Dimitris Roussounelos, is by far the best food blogger of Greece. 

Later on, you can enjoy a romantic colorful sunset at "Little Venice" sipping chilled white wine with grilled octopus. It is an 18th century district, dominated by grand captains’ mansions and balconies perched over the sea.

Caprice Bar in Venice, registered from “Newsweek” magazine among the 10 best bars world wide, is also perfect to watch the idyllic Mykonos sunset sitting on the slender cobblestone pavement while sipping a favorite cocktail, and all real party animals can stay there dancing all night long till sun rises!

Minas also designed and built Astra Bar.

Astra, so simple, yet so stylish with an elegant ceiling resembling that of an observatory‘s celestial dome is an absolute hotspot. 
It has retained the ambience of the romantic 60´s and the dazzling 70´s setting. It's common to see celebrities partying here!

You can party on the beach as well.  In Nammos, at the high class beach Psarou, you will find yourself between a lot of booze & delicious food, partying among people from all over the world who are there to celebrate Life!

In Super Paradise beach, world famous beach parties, with party lovers in an amazing atmosphere, are an every day event! Up the hill, Cavo Paradiso was voted as the 10th best club in the Top 100 Clubs Poll. Famous Djs such as Tiesto,  Louie Vega, Morillo and Steve Angello have played here. 

WHERE TO EAT : In  Mykonos restaurants you can explore authentic Gourmet Cuisine.  All five star hotels have great restaurants.

Situated by the pool, gazing at the breathtaking Aegean, Bill & Coo's Gourmet Restaurant in Mykonos and its chef Athinagoras Kostakos will keep awakening all your gustatory senses. 

Twice awarded with the prize of excellence in New Greek Cuisine, the LADY FINGER RESTAURANT situated in Andronikos Hotel is a hotspot in Greek gastronomy. Chef de Cuisine Dimitris Aidinis portrays the great subtlety and refinement of the authentic Greek cuisine.

If you are a Japanese food lover, head for "Matsuhisa" established by world's most celebrated Japanese chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, situated by the pool of The Belvedere Hotel savoring panoramic view as well.   Another choice for all sushi lovers is KIKU in Cavo Tagoo Hotel, open for lunch as well. For a more economical solution, try the brand new sushi Bar, Pearl Harbor,  in Chóra.

If you are an Italian food lover, Sale & Pepe, in town is an all time classic guarantee specializing in Northern Italian food with an unbelievable wine list.

Daniele Chiantini is an Italian chef who is by now considered a true Mykonian! His restaurant DANIELE is famous for his pasta dishes, and has always the funniest art de la table. He is also in charge of Aqua Taverna, the most chic “Italian tavern” of Mykonos downtown.

For Pizza, the best Pizzaiolo, Gugliemo in MARECHIARO, will feed you as if you are in Napoli! Try his Pizza San Marzano, baked in his wood oven!

If you like simple food, head for Μα'ερειό, where Asimina and her two sons cook with whatever fresh they find in the every day market.
Excellent meat grilled in the absolutely Greek way is offered in the taverns of  Ano Mera, a provincial village.
Innovative Greek cuisine and daily catch of fresh fish grilled to perfection can be found at the terrace of Kalita​ 
In Avli tou Thodori you can swim and relax on the sun loungers, and then eat in the restaurant vibrant and tasteful dishes.  
Nikolas Tavern has been working in Mykonos, in “Agia Anna – Paraga” beach, since 1967. 

The brand new just opened Liasti Restaurant in Lia beach,  is the one place we were waiting for, all year long!

Chef Venieris has created a Mediterranean/Greek cuisine inspired menu with the freshest seasonal ingredients - mostly grown at his own garden! 
It's the Epitomy of Ambrosial locavore cuisine according to all of us here  in Gourmed.
Fresh divine ingredients, olive oil and coarse salt.  Nothing could be more gourmet in Greece!
Photo by food blogger 

No matter what, We will always have Mykonos!


Mykonos has gained its infamous reputation for all of the above reasons, and many many more!

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