Flavors and Aromas of Olive Oil

Scroll down to learn how to evaluate and detect the various flavors and aromas of olive oil...

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"Regulation ECC 2568/91" is the standard rule applied in countries that produce olive oil in an effort to evaluate the product's quality. Such standards enable consumers and olive oil connoisseurs alike to both evaluate the characteristics of olive oil, as well as to understand the richness of its flavors and aromas.

Pleasant tastes and smells (by comparison with other edibles):

  • Apple: olive oil reminiscent of the taste of either a ripe apple or else the peel of a green apple
  • Grass: a scent like the one of freshly mown grass
  • Green leaves: a taste similar to that of unripe olives and leaves
  • Almond: a strong taste like the one of a fresh almond
  • Hay: a typical smell of some kinds of olive oil that tend to smell like hay
  • Fruit: fresh olive oil in particular, often has a multiple aroma that brings to mind different types of fresh fruit
  • Lemon: a delicate unusual fragrance with a peppery taste
  • Sorrel: similar to the lemon fragrance, but not as definite
  • Spice: some kinds of olive oil leave a pungent, spicy, sweet-’n-sour taste

Unpleasant tastes and smells

  • Rush
  • Earth
  • Worm
  • Metal
  • Mildew
  • Brine
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