Ellinika Kaloudia (Greek Delights)

Right behind the Museum of the Acropolis in the center of the tourist region of Athens you will find Ellinika Kaloudia (Greek Delights), a tiny Greek Delicatessen full of all sorts of top quality staple greek goods.

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The idea of fair-trade implies selling locally produced traditional goods overseas in a "fair way"; at Ellinika Kaloudia this idea is taken and applied to a local economy. Here the owner tries to bring products from all over Greece at fair prices, with respect towards the producer and the consumer. Visit Ellinika Kaloudia to discover the wide range of produce Greece produces, for gifts to take home, or use it as your local "market" throughout your stay!You will find produce ranging from honey of varying aromas, cheeses from all over Greece, milk from small farms and incredible Mediterranean spices whose smell will permeate your kitchen.  Whether certified as organic or not you will find many goods that are produced based on old, traditional methods that show greater respect for the natural habitat and probably surpass certified organic quality!"Ellinika Kaloudia" was born during a conversation among friends five years ago. Stamatis, the owner, was at a turning point in his life and decided to pursue the idea.   He began with no knowledge on food, farming methods or local products and no specific opinion on the matter; he has developed into an opinionated and knowledgeable advocate of Greek goods. He believes in tradition, supporting the local economy and equal opportunity no matter the size of the producer.


Address: Chatzichristou 8, Acropoli (2 mins from Acropolis Metro Station)

Telephone: +30 210 92 24 060

Price per person: Honey €11/Kg- €18/Kg Pasta €1/500g- €4/500g Beans €4/Kg - €6/Kg

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 3pm and 5pm- 9pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm


Definitely try the dried figs, produced by Stamatis the owner- perhaps a little pricey but worth it all the way.
Try the new gluten free pasta by Adonopoulos Farm.

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