Moschofilero - A Blanc de Gris made in the Peloponesse

Moschofilero (Greek Μοσχοφίλερο) is an aromatic white grape of Greek origins with a pink/purple skin and quite spicy flavor with good acidity.
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Moschofilero's home ground is the Arcadian plateau (650m above sea level) in the central Peloponnese. In this 'cool' region, harvest starts late, usually during the first 10 days of October. Moschofilero is a blanc-de-gris variety capable of producing several styles of wine: fruit-forward whites that are light and dry, as well as high in acidity, dry and off-dry rosé wines with a insistent rose petal perfume and, more recently, sparkling wines. In Greece, there is a strong demand for Mantinia, the appellation where this variety thrives, and it has become highly fashionable thanks to its vibrancy and inherent fruitiness. Alcohol levels are low, about 11.5% abv, and reach 12% only in exceptionally ripe years.


Perfect pair with all salads which have lemony dressing and white cheese 

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