Costa Navarino (Messinia, Peloponnese) through a Foodie Lens

Costa Navarino is a new holiday destination in Messenia, Greece. It is an establishment that strives to be respectful to the environment, to the local traditions and the people of the region; an expansive resort that will eventually have various hotels within its grounds and houses the first sea-side golf course in Europe. Here is a review of some of the restaurants within the resort.

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The restaurants as a whole:

If you are planning on staying at Costa Navarino for a few days, I suggest you try various dining options as there are so many on offer; also go outside the grounds to try some regional food and experience a simple evening outside the boundaries of the resort.
If you do not plan on staying at the resort, but are passing through the region by car or are staying at a neighboring hotel, definitely make a reservation at one of the restaurants for a special night out, it is worth splurging on a fine dining experience within the resort as you will be well cared for and will get a glimpse of a different type of holiday experience.

Omega Restaurant:

         The intention is pure and  the effort at a maximum. The originality of the Omega concept is rooted in the fact that the menus are balanced in omega 3 and 6 fats based on the Omega diet of Dr. Simopoulos. In addition it has a biweekly rotation of chef de cuisine and the majority of the food is local and organic.
In my opinion the price is rather high for what they offer, despite the high quality service and great primary product.

WE RECOMMEND:  Sign up for an excursion to the vegetable garden followed by a cooking class; definitely worth while, fun, and educational. Children are welcome!


Eleon is the closest you will find to a Greek taverna within the Costa Navarino grounds. By no means does it substitute an authentic taverna experience, but it does do a great job at making top quality Greek food, presented in a raw but beautiful way. You will find fresh fish which you can go inside to choose yourself, traditional Greek cooked meze and traditional desserts all upgraded originally into elegant but authentic dishes.  Ask the waiters anything you like about the culinary traditions you are eating, apart from the training that I am sure they have received; food is such a fundamental part of our culture that they will be more than happy to share with you. Definitely worth your while!

Inbi is an Asian fusion restaurant, formed by a team of one Japanese and two Greeks, who have creatively collaborated to achieve a top quality result. You will find interesting cocktails, really excellent service and elegant style. The sushi is of good quality, the meat dishes that we tasted were nothing special, but the combination of Mediterranean herbs and Japanese dishes was uniquely achieved. Overall, I would say that it lives up to its fancy appearance, maintains an all-round high standard and competes on a par with international standards. Do not expect to be blown away, yet you will be satiated satisfactorily in terms of trend and appetite!  I recommend it for an evening cocktail at the bar, a special occasion in a group or a romantic dinner. The place has a refreshing airy feel to it, with the sky over head and the sea close by.  Compared to its city version, within the resort the restaurant acquires a more casual feel, while maintaining its elegance.

Morias (The breakfast experience at the Westin):

Do not skip a breakfast here; you will be met by a huge dining hall that offers anything you can imagine, from fruits, eggs, pancakes, local cheeses and cold cuts, to a Greek traditional breakfast buffet. The waiters will ensure at all times that you are taken care of and I assure you that if you have children they will be over-joyed!

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