Cosa Nostra by the Sea

Cosa Nostra moved to the picturesque harbor of Mikrolimano and  the tables are literally touching the sea, so believe me,  it is THE must place to go this summer!

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A visit to gourmet Athens is incomplete without a meal in Mikrolimano.
Especially for all the island-hoppers that  usually must return again and again to Piraeus to get to destinations, there is no place more refreshing  than this attractive little port. 
I urge all out-of-towners to begin their trip with a visit within Piraeus and a lunch or dinner in Mikrolimano. The picturesque yacht and caique harbor boasts some of the finest seafood in the Athens area, as the renowned “Jimmy and the Fish”.

Discerning gourmands like myself have been longing for a good Italian Restaurant in the area. And so,  an answer to my prayers came by Cosa Nostra! Ha!
Pizza, pasta and service to comfort your soul, the way only people in Piraeus know how!

Antipasti, wonderfully bright and flavorful salads,  great pasta,  pizza and family style dishes fill out their menu which is basically Italian.  I had the most delicious Roman style  thin-crust pizza with porcini and no tomato sauce; for this kind of pizza means crispness and toppings should not roughshod over the crust.

The atmosphere with its funky  décor  is warm and inviting and the bar is filled with young neighborhood types warming themselves in the wink of the music which actually comes live  every Thursday night.
The cocktails are great, and the prices are probably the most reasonable around the area! A great value for money place.

Let’s wish for  a third Cosa Nostra soon!

Cosa Nostra by the Sea
Akti Koumoundourou 50, Mikrolimano
Tel: 210 410 1110

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