Best Seafood Taverns with reasonable prices in and around Athens

Where does one eat fresh inexpensive fish & fish meze in Athens? Here are some of Gourmed's researched choices. 

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It is not easy anymore to find fish in Athens that came out of a boat the same morning. The crisis has hit hard the food business, sometimes obliging the owners to serve imported fish, which are better priced but do not have the aroma of the Aegean sea. Here is a list of taverns that are worth visiting since they have kept their quality for years maintaining reasonable prices.Local chefs, that have been grilling and frying fish for so many years, that know well how to cook a fish in a way to retain its yummy juices & produce delicious fish meze worth tasting. 

1. Trata
8, Themistocleous str, Central Athens (map)
Tel. 210 38 38 531


Situated in the centre of Athens makes it a great choice after a visit to the Archeological Museum. It’s a charming cozy place, with excellent service and is considered a well kept secret among Athenians. Here you can find fried crawfish tails, served with a Greek aioli sauce, fresh calamari, and a variety of fish plates, fried or grilled, in fairly reasonable prices.

2. Psarou
27, Ilision st., N. Kifissia (map)
Τel. 210 62 03 622


A new entry in the Kifissia food scene, which already gained devoted clients.  A dish worth trying is marinated anchovies, tarama salad served with crusty bread, and any pasta dish made with seafood. The styling of all the salads is quite impressive and the French fries are fresh and crispy.

3. Syrtaki
69o klm Athens – Sounion Road (map)
Tel. 22920 39 125


A “must” stop for Greek seafood after visiting Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion.  “Syrtaki” is popular for fresh fish, such as fried red mullets, or sea bream grilled to perfection. All grilled fish come with “ladolemono”, the typical Greek oil-and-lemon dressing.

4. Sardelles
15, Persefonis st, Gazi (map)
Τel. 210 34 78 050

Located in Gazi, the most multi culti area of Athens, gives you the feeling of being in an island. Popular for their smaller fish, which means affordable prices. Sardines grilled with a bit of parsley, needlefish, small shrimps from Symi island, salted cod with garlic sauce, mussels, white tarama fish roe, Kopanisti cheese from Ios, salads and authentic homemade fries.

5. Lazaros
1, Konstantinoupolis square, New Filadelphia (map)
Τel. 210 25 15 455

The owner of this simple meze tavern, Lazarus, will sometimes sit with you and tell you stories of his origins in Thessaloniki  and how he ended up opening up his place in Athens while you are both sipping a glass of chilled ouzo. The menu follows the logic of “meze” which means small plates with treats everyone can share. The fish is always fresh, and if you want to order a larger one, let him do the picking.  You can also try the fish souvlaki with fresh roasted tomato and cherish the glory of simple Greek food!

6. Varkoules
2, Alaias st. Nea Ionia (map)
Τel. 210 03 58 767

It’s all about sharing here! One meze for all, and  all for one meze. Try the Tuna tartare, the fried cod and for sure the spaghetti with seafood, if you are in a pasta mood.

7. Psarokokalo
19, El. Venizelou st, Melissia (map)
Tel. 210 8077535

You can always find fresh clams here during the summer months. The rice with mussels, flavored with saffron is a typical Greek dish impeccably made here.  Also try the mussels stewed with feta cheese. It’s altogether a charming spot with benign service.

8. Kavouri
24, Pericleous st, Marathonas (map)
Τel. 22940 55 243

It’s worth risking a possible clash with an Athenian taxi driver to eat fresh fish and seafood literally on the beach at Kavouri.  You can find all sorts of seafood treats here, but we recommend you try the octopus dishes. You can’t go wrong with any of the clam dishes either.

9. Yperokianio
48, Hatzikyriacou st, Piraeus (map)
Tel. 210 4180030

A restaurant with a bit of squeezed environment, but well worth meals for their price. Try the bass marinated in oil and fresh herbs, cuttlefish with tahini sauce, and match all the dishes with Greek tsipouro freezing cold. 

10. Thisavros Gefseon 
46, Vas. Georgiou str, Halandri (map)
Τel. 210 68 45 26

Mrs Evdokia, a cheerful Greek woman is in charge here, offering the clients delicious Greek food, simple small plates made with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Sardines cut in half broiled with homemade sauce, fresh anchovies fried, shrimps with Ouzo and hot red pepper sauce, plus “kakavia” the infamous Greek sea food soup, are served here by staffers who are always helpful. 




Try to avoid going at peak hour. You will get a better service arriving early. Remember that Greeks eat late, so around 8 o'clock is a good choice. 

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