Twelve A Tuscan Cook Book

Tessa says " it is  about ingredients and what I have seen people here do with them, and it is about the joy brought by each month with its new ingredients".

 It is about Tuscany, and even though all the dishes in the book are not Tuscan in origin they are all eaten here.

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 Most of the recipes, however, have their roots firmly embedded in Tuscan soil. Year after year, as the months and ingredients change, so does the family table.  

Although the land provides great variety in fruit and vegetables, Tuscany is not a land of vegetarians, and to the bounty of the earth are added the catch off its seacoast and the annual hunts in the woodlands.

My aim in writing this book has been to share some of the delights that have been part of my life here. More than an informative guide, it outlines the basic goings on taking place on stovetops in a place whose culinary fame is steadfastly rooted amongst the hills and within tradition.



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