La Divina in the Kitchen - The Secret Recipe Book of Maria Callas

That the divine Maria Callas had a passion for cooking, is something a few people know. 

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For the first time, the dishes that the diva preferred amongst her large book collection and the recipes that top chefs were cooking for her, all around the world, are being published.

Arigo Ciprianni, the owner of famous Harry’s Bar, Elsa Maxwell, Nella Rubinstein and Chryssa Paradissi, have all played an important role to her gastronomic preferences of the diva.

The same goes for Onassis, Casanova, Meneghini and Grimaldi of Monaco, who contributed towards what she thought of, as good life.

“La Divina” was passionate about music, and in love with luxurious living and good food. 


Main Author: Bruno Tosi


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