Best tapas Bars in Istanbul

Istanbul is the city where food is found almost in every corner. Here you'll read the top picks of tapas bars in the city.

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Corvus Wine and Bite in Akaretler


A modern wine bar where you will be able to enjoy a  glass of Corvus wine by the glass and small tapas made with the best local ingredients but with a modern twist.

Corvus Wine and Bite 
Şair Nedim Sokak 5, Akaretler (0212) 260 54 70

El Beso Restaurant & Club in 

El Beso Restaurant & Club

With a cool white and gold interior, Mediterranean menu and hip music, El Beso Restaurant & Club in Istanbul's beautiful  Kuruçeşme district is the ideal place to chill with friends, dance a bit cozy style or enjoy a romantic dinner with dazzling views of the Bosphorus.

El Beso Restaurant & Club
Muallim Naci Caddesi 64/D, Kuruçeşme (0212) 287 57 59

Gozo in 
Sultanahmet, Old City

Gozo is located  
near the Galata Tower, and is a great opportunity for a small stop to enjoy some wine or raki and small tapas. The owner/chef renews her recipes quite often and  aims to provide a combination of local treats and Spanish style gourmet flavorful dishes.  

Meşrutiyet Caddesi 94 A, Şişhane (0212) 251 53 14

Lucca in Bebek



Lucca is in the heart of Bebek's cafe scene, and it is quite famous for its cocktails and a magnet for Istanbul high society. Their list of  tapas are all especially made to  accompany your different drinks. Great music and a hip atmosrhere.

Cevdet Paşa Caddesi 51/B, Bebek (0212) 257 12 55

Meze by lemon tree in 

Here in this small convivial restaurant the owner/chef, Gençay, will help you choose from an incredible "all for one" and "one for all" Turkish tapas modernly made and presented.  A great wine list is also available.

​Meze by lemon tree 
Meşrutiyet Caddesi 83/B, Beyoğlu (0212) 252 83 02

Münferit in 

This is probably the most surreal eatery in Istanbul serving sublime Turkish tapas. A culinary stop one has to make when visiting the city. Pair the food with thrice-distilled Beylerbyi raki produced by the owner’s family, possibly have the best raki in town. 


Yeni Çarşı Caddesi 19, Galatasaray (0212) 252 50 67


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