Best Brunches in Athens

Enjoy our guide featuring  the best restaurants and cafés for breakfast and brunch in Athens.

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New Taste in New Hotel, Syntagma Square

An absolutely chic hotel that has an innovative restaurant concept based on the continuous transformation of the food service areas and food displays for breakfast or brunch.  NEW Taste offers high quality, honest food freshly made each day. The menu is based on  high quality and mostly organic products from homemade bread and croissants to eggs cooked any way you want them.

New Hotel
16 Filelinon str, Syntagma Square, Athens 
T 210 
327 3000 

New York Sandwiches in Athens 

On weekends you’ll find many of Athens’s celebrities enjoying a brisk brunchtime trade in New York Sandwiches. It is an original NY diner type of food feast and surely one of the best brunches in town…
Do not even think of going without a reservation. Take away available! Prices start from 6 euros for egg dishes. 

New York Sandwiches,
3, Sinopis str, Athens 
Τ 210 7778475

Le Grand Balcon in Kolonaki 

The roof top garden Grand Balcon of  St. George Lucabbetus Hotel has one of the greatest views in Athens. The buffet for breakfast or brunch offers a great selection of Greek delicacies such as homemade pies as well as American brunch. You can eat as much as you want for 18 Euros per person. 

St. George Lucabbetus Hotel
2 Kleomenous str , Kolonaki
Τ 2107290711

Tsai in Kolonaki 

Every weekend from 12pm up to 5pm “To tsai” offers a brunch buffet with "all you can eat" sweet and savory flavors for the amazing price of 8.50 Euros.  Apart from the usual scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages, you will find other Greek or Asian delicacies. The menu changes every week.
All marmelades are house made and the chef in the kitchen prepared incredible treats the whole time I spent there.

19, Soutsou str, Kolonaki 
T 210 3388941

Ιt Place in Kolonaki 

The New It Place  just opened recently and it is already full on Saturday afternoons. TV Chef Andreas Lagos has created seriously tasty update dishes always seasonal, offering an incredible Brunch menu on Sundays starting at 12 pm. French toast with maple syrup  and chocolate croissants are always a hit here, especially for all the kids!

29, Skoufa str, Kolonaki 
T210 3635773

Μama Roux in Aiolou str. 


Mama Roux is literally  packed with people all day long, since it is one of the few places in that area of Athens  with well priced delicious dishes. It is a great value for money restaurant. Sundays around 12 o clock brunch dishes start to appear and you'd better be there early if you want to find a table available. They offer the most incredible Eggs Benedict. There are few dishes that can bring me the pleasure of sopping up their poached egg's golden, oozy yolk with a piece of buttered home made toast. Pancakes are also available.

Μama Roux,
48, Aiolou str, Central Athens  
Τ 213 0048382

Hip, in Mitropoleos str 

This place is designed for all NY hipsters visiting Athens. It brings  Athens and New York closer that ever before! It is extremely modern and stylish and you can have a brunch there starting at 12 pm every day , not only in weekends . They have a takeaway service and their egg dishes prices start from seven euro. They do have pancakes with lots of fruits and perfect smoothies. Do try their velvety  scrambled eggs which taste like heaven!!  

28, Mitropoleos str. Athens
T 2130154698


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