Agnanti: The Pride of Skopelos

Agnanti transforms the traditional, local dishes of Skopelos island into magnificent specialities, infusing them with imagination and originality.

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Agnanti is a lovely little restaurant, located on two balconies in Glossa on the island of Skopelos. The eatery offers incredible views of the Aegean and the islands of Evia and Skiathos, just opposite. The place champions a magnificent and balanced wine list, although I found it to be a little lacking in friendly, professional service.

Try a plaki dish with fresh fish (salpa or saddled bream) and sour plums or kid goat with purple artichoke by Andromahi, Stamatis and Nikos Stamataki at "Agnanti" in Glossa, for a true example of the traditional, local dishes made with local ingredients. I really must also mention the special Skopelos twisted cheese pie with goat cheese. Similarly, the almond pie with "Ζαμπούκου" syrup (elder flowers) and ice cream is sheer poetry.

Gastronomically speaking, Skopelos is a paradise of good food. It is difficult to decide what to mention first: little, purple artichokes, lamb Glossa style, (goat) kid Skopelos style, greens such as the wild celery and wonderful plums (azan, yellow, but mainly the amazing sour plums). The island is known for its almonds, mushrooms, the delightfully aromatic "Ζαμπούκος," a syrup that can be found exclusively on the island. Certainly, the fact that many of the islanders are sailors who have spent the majority of their lives traveling the world gives an extra twist to the local cuisine.

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