Abreuvoir (L'): The Oldest French Restaurant in Athens

L'Abreuvoir is a timeless Athenian restaurant for those who want high quality French cuisine, an atmospheric setting and a little bit of tradition and continuity in this everchanging world.

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Address: Xenokratous 51, Kolonaki


Telephone: 210 7229106, 210 7229061


General Description: The "garden", with its atmospheric mulberry trees, offers one of the most beautiful settings in the city centre. In addition, the fine quality, hospitality and professionalism that served as L'Abreuvoir's starting point in 1965, influenced by the owner's training in France, have persisted to this day.


Food Impressions: L' Abreuvoir offers classical French cuisine. There are no experiments, just an unprecedented consistency in the quality of the ingredients and delicious dishes, some of which are truly exceptional. From the selection of starters I really enjoyed the omelette with truffles, as well as the foie-gras with truffle and cherry sauce. The filet was of premium quality and accompanied by a divine béarnaise sauce, while the duck with orange was just perfect. Complete your meal with the crepes Suzette; simply unforgettable!


Price per person: € 54-66


Recommendations: Try the exquisite steak tartare, prepared at your table; it is the best I have ever tasted!


Background Story: L'Abreuvoir is the oldest French restaurant in Athens, opened by Alexis Kotsis and his wife Gianna in 1965 and now run by his children, Spyros and Clairie!






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