5 Ways to Avoid the Bloat of the Holidays

Who can resist of all the delicious food being served during Christmas time? All of us kind of overdo it.  But when the pain of  bloating begins, it is really uncomforting. Read how to nix this problem.

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1.Drink plenty of water

Strange as it may seem, not getting enough fluid in your system, can actually lead to bloating. So keep on hydrating the system drinking eight to ten glasses per day during Holiday season!

2. Avoid food that bloats your belly

An average person produces around two litres of gas a day, obviously causing our stomachs to bloat which sometimes needs controlling, especially during the holidays. 
So it is proper to avoid foods that typically create gas. These are usually  high-fat foods such as chips, high fat cheese and oily gravies  or high fibre vegetables such as leaks, peas, beans, lentils, cabbage, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Even if you do eat them, try to keep the quantity small - that is the secret. 

3. Eat vegetables cooked instead of raw.

Cooking helps break down some of the fiber in vegetables, so your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest it. Eat your salad slowly and chew your food thoroughly.

4. Be careful how much salt you eat
Salt is notorious for causing water retention, thus causing bloating. Try to avoid foods that are packed with excessive salt.

5. Take a 30 min walk every day 
Exercise  helps keep your digestive system functioning smoothly and cuts down on the production of gas, so it is essential during the festive period to keep on walking. It is alos wise to keep your back up straight when you do, so that your stomach works correctly. 






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