The Stone Oven Bakery: The oldest bakery in Vyronas!

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For more than 80 years, there has been a bakery in the lower side of Vyronas,
thus the whole area, even the bus stop, is still called Fournos (Bakery)! Up until 2008 today’s owner, Mr.
Giannakopoulos, used the same stone oven that the Germans had built; to bake the bread he uses the
traditional method called pinakoti, which actually means by hand.
Back in the day, the village women who made the bread for the family, not daily of course, used a wooden
bread trough with deviders that formed small cubicles where the dough rested for hours covered
with linen towels in order to rise. This is the way Adreas Giannakopoulos makes his bread for 14 years
now; he does admit that making the bread by hand raises the cost in money and time dramatically.
He believes that the dough is a living being, which we should not discomfort or tire out, and that is why
he respects its pace instead of imposing his own. According to the temperature and humidity, the time
that the dough needs to rise differs, and the best thing we can do is wait for it!

 This modern bakery offers almost all kinds of bread, whole wheat, wholegrain, country
style bread, sourdough, traditional Cretan bread, bread with olive oil, but also a great variety of
crunchy breadsticks, and cookies that all are handmade. A lot of the desserts and sweets are also made
in the bakery, like the apple pie, cakes and sweet bread like brioche (only better), as well as many traditional
desserts like milk pies (galaktompoureko) and a lot more.
At the new bakery in the centre of Pagkrati you will find more snacks and sandwiches for the people
who work in the area, as well as pastries.
We tried the traditional country style bread, which is called Turtle (Helona) at the bakery, because its
shape resembles to the turtles’ shell. It is a delicious bread, which shows that no machinery was involved
in the making, and is both perfect for the table as well as for breakfast. ,
The wholewheat, organic bread with leaven also shows the efforts that the baker is doing to find the finest
quality materials for his bread and to make the best out of it.
 Country style bread: 0,80€ - Organic Bread: 1.10€

Address: Kyprou, 24, Vyronas
Ymittou 117 & Chremonidou, Pagkrati
Telephone: 210 7647228

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