Santorinios, a trip to Santorini over land

Its more like a carefully groomed island square than a restaurant in the center of Athens; the food traditional and the owner a handful!

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You will sit in a courtyard, with bountiful plants and flowers under the Mediterranean sun and if it is winter you will sit among many island paintings and photos and old farming equipment and embroidered materials, almost like waiting to eat in the home of your imaginary Greek grandmother. The atmosphere is familiar and the staff take good care of you. The menu is a mix of recipes from Santorini and classic Greek home-cooked food. The meat is from the local butcher and the vegetables are as good as they can be in large quantities and in their given season. In general what is on offer is not changed very often though the owner does try to make things better as often as she can. The dessert is either halva or orange pie, though if you are lucky on the rare occasion you may be offered chocolate souffle. The oil based cooked dishes swim in oil more than our liking, though if you make sure to share you won’t eat enough to feel too full. Santorinios has been around for 25 years. It is a family run business, but unlike other
businesses it was created by the mother of the family. So many years ago, when it was hardly a time when women worked, Mrs. Anna decided that, instead of selling or demolishing the dowry her father had secured for her, she would use it and above all share it. She found opposition in her husband then, but strong-minded as she is she went ahead and built her life around it. The rest of the family had no choice but to follow! You will find her now, proud and strong, managing the staff and chatting with her customers with that sparkling intelligent look in her eyes.


Address: Dorieon 8, Ano Petralona
Telephone: +30 210 3451 629

Price per person: €10-€12 (shared meat assortments €18,50- €27 - €35,50)

Opening Hours:
Tuesady to Saturday 6pm - closing
Sunday noon- 8pm
Monday closed


The Boureki- soft pork meat rolled in phyllo pastry with cheese the zucchini balls their special salad - lettuce, carrot, tomato, cheese, peppers If you are a large group we recommend you order one the meat assortments (small, medium or large).

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