SABOR, not in Spanish or Italian, but in Portuguese

SABOR, with its formal attire, stands out among the rows of colorful wholesale shops with beads and materials; its prices are what root it firmly where it stands.

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Sabor is a very new, minimally decorated space that stylishly serves cheap coffee.By the looks of it, you would expect expensive coffee with attitude, but defying all odds, they have excellent coffee, various varieties, and in-house desserts all for fantastic prices. One of the clues is that it is self service, though if you order a whole lot of things they will bring it to your table. With previous experience in the industry the owners have managed to create a small hub of quality that elicits the same surprised reaction from almost all clients; one of disbelief “only €0.80 for an espresso?!”. In the summer you can either sit outside or do take out both for the same price, while when unexpected rain catches you off guard make a pit stop and have a great coffee served at the bar. Let’s start with the coffee. There are always about 10 varieties to choose from, and these change every week or ten days. They make their own chocolate milk blends, which can vary from a more classic orange chocolate combination to a ginger and raspberry chocolate beverage. The sandwiches are made with carefully selected ingredients and combine things the you probably have never tasted together. The desserts are constantly being experimented with, but they do have some standards like chocolate tart or cinnamon cookies; a unique dessert they have are the “pirulitos” which are sweet delights in the form of a lollipop, not a cake pop exactly as is the fashion nowadays, but rather a soft chocolate interior covered in chocolate. All the above, apart from the coffee, are made by their young pastry chef who has a small hide out on top of the store where she creates all the food. Both the owners come from the coffee side of the food industry and have several years of experience. The man we met was a man of few words, and though reserved, distinctly communicated pride for this little coffee shop. Not only do they search high and low to find new coffee varieties and create new combination of beverages, savory and sweet delights to surprise their customers with but they also decorated the space with no help at all from a professional interior designer.


Address: Perikleous 17 & Kornarou 6     Map
210 3321330

Price per person: espresso €0,80, cappuccino €1,80, hot chocolate €2,20, sandwich €2,70, salads € 5,50 ,
dessert €0,60- €3,50

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat 8am-10pm
Sunday closed


First things first; have an espresso! Have a hot chocolate with rosebuds and red pepper Prosciutto and fig jam sandwich If in the mood for a cocktail find out what the options are, as with all the other things they will definitely be unique!

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