Karavitis; famous, historical and all encompassing

In one of the most beautiful areas of Athens, Proskopon Square, you will find one of the most historical tavernas of the city that covers almost 2 blocks and has both a picturesque interior and a majestic garden at the feet of a neoclassical building.

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You could call it an oasis. From the one side of the garden all you see is green, the wall separating the garden from the street is covered in all sorts of plants and the tall trees make you believe you may be far from the city. Do not be deceived, you will not feel you are in a village as this taverna is huge, but always full of people from all backgrounds and ages;, even on Mondays! People eating in groups, meeting over dinner to solve business matters, lovers, friends catching up on news, large groups celebrating, and tourists savoring Greek food. -Karavitis you see is already known and loved among foreigners - we are told by Kostas (Karavitis,) who talks to us while simultaneously checking the other tables, making the bills, catching the customers eyes when they need to be seen, and thinking about where is the best spot to take a picture from. The food is classic and good taverna food. With lots of meat dishes to choose from and some casserole cooked dishes, and meze. Cosmopolitan and populace, extrovert yet lonesome, Karavitis can be whatever it wants when it wants to. Having been around since 1920 as a coal shop, as is the case with various of the oldest tavernas in Athens, it evolved into a tavern naturally; starting with a glass of wine and a meze, and moving to a more extensive menu of Greek food. As we were told, the first customers were the glass maker, the furniture maker, the postman, and all sorts of other craftsmen who enjoyed a glass of wine standing around the barrels.


Address: Pafsaniou and Arktinou, Proskopon Sq., Pagkrati
Telephone: 2107215155

Price per person: 15-20€

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday Evenings
Sunday Lunch and Evening



Do not leave without having tried the burgers, stuffed with cheese or plain. Very tasty lamb chops perfectly cut and grilled. The fries are freshly cut and not pre-fried.

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