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Aki, what are the rules you go by in this time of crisis? “Being frugal, low profile, sticking to the basics and not wanting more than what is necessary. “

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From the outside you could miss it easily, even if you had the address. There is a small hand painted sign hanging on the top of the opening in the wall that is its entrance, and you follow a narrow tunnel that leads you to a courtyard enclosed by walls of an almost dilapidated building. It is most definitely picturesque. For moments you are taken away from the busy city rhythm and you will have to sit patiently to be served a coffee at a great price. Do not expect to find much food here, on quiet days they do serve a variety of meze either large or small, but their strong point is the coffee that they have been working on for 25 years. This place was a traditional coffee house before the current owner took it over and has remained thus ever since. The interjection of the younger generation of the family has brought in more modern coffee, like freddo cappuccino and espresso, but the head of the family is reluctant to give up the traditional greek coffee and frappe. Most traditional places come with a simple story, unlike modern shop owners they do not start with a concept and build a profession around the concept. They create a space and build as they go along. This is how things started for Takis, the owner of “Αυλή”, as a young man he worked close by this courtyard coffee place and bought his daily coffee from here. The then owner, who was already an old man, took a liking to him and one day offered him to take it over when he was no longer able to work. Takis did so avidly and with much pleasure. A humble man, with truth in heart, and though eager to be good at what he does, not over ambitious.


Address: Psirri Area
We have made an agreement with the owner that the exact address remain a secret. We allow the adventure
of finding it up to you.

Price per person: Price: greek coffee €1 frappe €1,50 karafe tsipouro €3,00

Opening Hours: Daily 8am- ..the last customer leaves


Try and find it using the descriptions and photos provided here. It is well known to some in the neighborhood but unknown to others.

*The shops around the central square of Psirri order their coffee from here so they would be a good
place to start.

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